About Mubawab

Mubawab is a real estate classified ads website. At Mubawab, we work hard to offer the best and most reliable properties whenever you want to buy, sell or rent your home. We are present in most Arab countries, which you can find at Mubawab.com.

Our origins

Mubawab was launched in September 2010, aiming to offer a modern and practical real estate classified ads website for the Arabic community. The idea of the site came as an answer to a simple question: how can we facilitate the online searching and finding your home experience for the Arabic community ?

Our goal

To become the reference real estate classifieds website in all Arab countries, to generate a strong pan-Arab brand while respecting local specificities and, to offer this service always for free for our users!

Our team

Our team is as diverse as we want Mubawab to be! Our CTO, Abderra El Haitout comes from Morocco, our CEO&Co-founder, Kevin Gormand is from France, and our COO&Co-founder, Toni Puig from Spain. In spite of our diversity, we all share the same passion: Internet.

Our values

At Mubawab, we focus on service quality, personal responsibility, autonomy, and above all passion for what we do. We believe that is how we give the best of us and provide the best service for our users.

If you want to know more about us, feel free to contact us.